February 14 , 2006

This has kind of been a hard decision to make, but we decided to move to Pleasant Grove UT. We were looking for a larger home in Sparks/Reno to move into, but we just didn't find what we were looking for. So when I had the chance to work with an additional business partner that lives in this area, Jen and I decided to take a look at homes and see if there was something here that we liked. So in the middle of January (the coldest week of the winter here in UT) we loaded up all of the kids and headed to UT. We stayed with our good friends Wayne and Yvonne Hubert (who just moved to Alpine UT in December) and looked for houses from Santiquine all the way up to Lehi. After looking for several days, we found one that we all liked and the price was right (below appraisal). We made an offer that was accepted and then went back to Sparks to get ready for the big move (much bigger than we thought).

I have included a few pictures of our adventure to Utah and the many projects we have been working on since we moved here almost a month ago.

The view of Mount Timpanogos from our front door.

Jen doing the last cleanup on our house in Sparks.

The kids up on the ledge for the last time in Sparks.

No we did not "fill" both trucks, only needed 7 more feet.

Painting Emily's room with Grandpa Kelly (Grandpa and Grandma both came over to help us paint for about a week).

Grandma Kelly helping out with the painting, it was great to have all of the help!

Emily having a great time painting her room (she picked the colors herself).

I guess Devon thought the fumes were pretty bad in Emily's Room.

Calvin not too excited about the cleanup process!

Jen juggling babies.

Our first official dinner guests, Mike and Maralea Royal came up from Las Vegas to be with their daughter Kelli (who graduated from beauty school with her friend Jasmine (also pictured)) and their son Brad (who is going to school at BYU).

Ty and Tiff hanging out next to the fireplace. Ty loves to stand up and our fear is that he will run before he crawls!

Having our kitchen counters removed and replaced.

Colin putting on his plumber hat, installing a new sink.

Painting the boys bedroom with Emily's help.