We are excited to announce the arrival of our new baby daughter, Tiffany!

After adopting Tyrese just over 4 months ago, we had decided to wait one year, then adopt two babies close together as what the adoption agency calls "virtual twins." But as we all know, the Kellys have been known to take the road less traveled...some people call it crazy...but we call it love. Jen had checked the Heart to Heart website off and on since Ty's adoption, just for the fun of it. So one day around the first part of July, Jen felt prompted to check the site, since she hadn't for a few weeks. She came back to my office all excited about a birth-mother who was expecting twin girls (we've always wanted to end with twins, but knowing that's next to impossible, we had decided on "virtual twins")! After contacting the agency about the twins, we found out that the birth-mother was planning to keep the first-born of the twins, and wanted to place the second baby. At first this didn't seem like a situation we wanted to pursue. Claire (she works with the adoptive families and has been very instrumental in our adoptions) asked Jen if she wanted to be kept posted about this situation, and hesitantly Jen said, "yes." Weeks went by and we hadn't thought much more about it. Then out of the blue, Claire called to ask if we would like our profile to be shown to this birth-mother. We prayed about it, and knowing that Heavenly Father's hand is going to be involved, we knew that no matter what happens, it will be the right thing for everybody. We decided to have our profile shown. About a week later, we got word that Imanuel had chosen us as the adoptive family!

Our first phone conversation with Imanuel was great! We all felt very comfortable talking together. During the conversation, she asked that if for any reason parenting did not work out for her (she has struggled in the past with parenting), if we would be willing to adopt the other twin girl. We of course we said "yes", that we would. Though it is our sincere desire to adopt the other twin (Shiloh), and raise the girls together, we cannot force this decision. This decision is Imanuel's, and we have tried not to judge her for it. Instead, we have felt the influence and the love Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have for all of us. We have truly come to love Imanuel, and admire what a wonderful person she is. We just hope that whatever her future decision is, that it will be the right one for her and for Shiloh.

Enjoy our second adoption journey!