We have very exciting news!  We got Tiffany’s twin sister Shiloh!!!  We feel that a great miracle has taken place in our lives.  Our prayers have been answered as well as many of yours. On the twins 6 month birthday I went over to North Carolina with Tiffany to get Shiloh and bring her home to be with us.

There have been many prayers to get her here, and I still feel as if I’m in a dream.  Colin & I have hoped for this happy ending for the last six months.  Shiloh being gone, and not knowing if she would ever be back with us, has been a constant emotional trial.  We have had to face this trial with much faith, and put the matter completely in Heavenly Father’s hands.  We have had to accept the fact that Shiloh was not with us, and try to feel okay about that.  We are so grateful that Imanuel loves Tiffany and Shiloh so much that she made the decision for them to be back together, and in our family.  We couldn’t be more thrilled!  Life is so good, and we feel so blessed that things have turned out the way we hoped they would from the beginning. 

I think back to when Tyrese was 3 months old and I looked at the “available situations” on the Heart to Heart website.  We had planned to wait one year, then adopt two babies as close together as we could.  We had always wanted to end our family with twins, but the probability of getting twins isn’t that likely.  When I saw that twin girls would be born in Sept., I got tears in my eyes, and I felt this wave of excitement and happiness and said to Ty, “are those your sisters?  Are your sisters coming?”  I called the adoption agency  inquiring about “twin girls” who would be born.  When I heard that the birth-mother intended to keep  and try to parent one of the twins, I felt that this would be too difficult and wasn’t the right situation for our family.  They asked if we wanted to be updated on the twins, and I hesitated, almost said “no”, then changed my mind and half-heartedly said, “yes.”  I can’t even imagine not having Shiloh and Tiffany in our family!  We love them so much, and as it has been with each child who is in our family, we can’t imagine life without them.  It feels as if they have always been with us.  We are so thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves all of us, and answered our prayers.

We have included a little blog of the events that have transpired over the past 6 days. We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we have!