Dearest Family and Friends,

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Kelly family! We also hope this letter finds you all well and happy! We would like to extend our love and gratitude for your love and friendship. The blessings of family and friends are immeasurable, and each of you have blessed our lives in some way! We love you!

Below is our traditional photo journal which highlights events from this last year. It’s always fun to look back on memories and wonderful times as our lives continue to change and progress, and we continue to learn and grow. We are so thankful for our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ, who love each of us, and know us on a personal basis. We are thankful for the blessing that families can be forever! There is no greater gift!

Have a wonderful New Year!

With love,

Colin, Jen, Calvin, Devon, Emily, Tyrese, Shiloh, and Tiffany Kelly

P.S. The good news is that there are less pictures than last year! ;-)

The 10th Annual Lake Tahoe Polar Bear Swim was another success in 2008. The group was small, but the records made were HUGE! Over 40 minutes in water that was about 40 degrees! (pictured: Toah, Devon, Calvin, Colin, Russ, Dale (Colin's brother)).

Is this the 3 stooges?!!

Tiffany & Jen at Brad & Whitney's Wedding in Las Vegas. 2 beautiful girls!

Calvin & Devon getting ready for some fancy dancing at Brad & Whitney's Wedding reception in Vegas.

Devon having a turn... gotta love the facial expression!

Daddy and his 3 girls.

Shiloh, Tiffany & Tyrese: all ready for church!

Shiloh having some giggle time with Emily.

Tiffany looking very concerned about something.

Devon was not too excited about the face painting booth at the BYU Black Student Union party... not quite the spider he expected ;-)

Our 3 Angels: Tiffany, Shiloh & Emily

Taking advantage of the first sign of nice Spring weather to take a ride.

Tiffany LOVES to accessorize. She is ALL about the shoes and add-ons!

Shiloh posing for an Easter photo shoot.

Gotta love the Easter Bunnies!

How can you resist a cuddle picture like this?

Jen & Shiloh's first real attempt at a fancy hair-do... looking stylish!

They do look like Triplets don't they?

Roasting Hot Dogs in the back yard fire pit. I love Emily's braids in this picture.

Another cute hair-do for Shiloh.

Shiloh loves to make everyone laugh!

Don't you love these shades on Tiffany... I told you she is the accessory Queen!

Devon, Emily & Calvin out doing some GeoCaching.

Devon with a nice Geocache find.

Out on a nice spring walk with "Ma" (Jen's Mom).

Emily is such a good Big Sister!

"Ma" and Tyrese at the park.

Happy 10th Birthday Devon!

What is it about a pie in the face?

I love how Tiffany is checking out Tyrese's new shave.

Shiloh making sure that her clothes are NOT clean for church.

Family prayer part 1...

Family prayer part 2... isn't Tyrese just SO CUTE!

Tyrese getting some reading in before breakfast is served.

"Uh Oh... Mess" as Tiffany would say it. Yes this is what happens when you leave eggs on the counter and walk out of the room for a second.

Another cute Shiloh face.

Going on an adventure hike up the canyon.

One of the favorite weekly things the kids love to do is play in the stream in the canyon just minutes from the house.

"Uh oh... Mess!" As you can tell from the face, this was not a fun one! Actually you would "think" that with three 2-year-olds this would be from one of them, but actually Jen was going down the stairs and accidentally dropped a LARGE glass of berry smoothie... it even made it to the ceiling!

Colin's 37th Birthday Wake Up Crew. Fun Times!

Yes that is supposed to be a 37, but Colin is happy with the 27!

Another fun day at the park.

Tiffany can do this for hours!

Calvin trying to see what it will look like when he is this tall someday.

Almost ALL pictures we have of Devon at the park is of him UP on some high ledge... he Loves to climb!

Now you know why her nick name is "Monkey".

Shiloh heading down the slide.

Tyrese going for it.

Calvin the future Fireman. No this was not an "accidental" fire, it was actually planned in order to burn some of the weeds in our poor back yard.

Yes Devon pulled off 2 cakes this year since he and Calvin combine their Birthday Parties each year.

Gotta love Kid Made Cakes... pile as much sweet stuff as you can on it and the better it is! Nice one Calvin.

Grandma in town for the Birthday Parties.

Calvin making a run for it at his Football Birthday Party.

Calvin with another Birthday action shot.

Devon getting ready to "tackle" the other teams Quarterback.

Taking a serious breath to blow out those 12 candles.

Devon polishing off his Birthday cake.

Colin is on the Birthday "clean-up" crew.

Calvin & Tyrese sharing a Birthday morning together. They are exactly 10 years apart in age.

Tyrese showing off his Birthday book to the girls.

Burning some more weeds in the back yard with Grandpa.

Isn't this a great picture of Tyrese and Grandma reading on the couch?

Devon got cookies from his teacher at church with a note that says "You make me Smile!". That is definitely one of Devon's best traits!

Jen & Colin with the "triplets"

Tyrese getting his Birthday cookie (probably the first one he has ever had)

Tyrese "signing" ice-cream which you can see all over his face. He was pretty excited to get these tasty treats for Christmas.

Tyrese is another great cuddle bug... hanging out with "Pa".

Calvin in his 12 Year Old suite ready to go to the Temple for the first time.

Jen, Calvin & Colin at the Temple for Calvin's first time to perform baptisms. He is going to try and go every week on Thursdays morning with Colin, since Colin works at the Temple in the baptistery from 4:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

Another adventure trip to the Hoggle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

Trying to figure out where they want to go next at the Zoo.

Tiffany happy with her 2 fingers.

Tyrese mesmerized with the animals at the Zoo.

The Crew at the Zoo!

Shiloh and Emily ready for the bird show at the Zoo.

I love this cute picture of Tiffany.

Devon checking out the competition at the Pinewood Derby. He was able to take 1st place again this year. Colin is happy we get to take the next 5 years off from the Pinewood Derby waiting for Tyrese to join Cub Scouts.

Shiloh, Tiffany & Tyrese plotting something I am sure!

Tyrese had to go in for surgery this year to have his Adenoids removed and he had to get tubes in his ears. He just bounced right back up to his happy self about 4 hours after his surgery and he can FINALLY sleep good at night now!

Colin, Dale (Colin's older brother) and Calvin having a rescue line knot tying competition after teaching it to the Scouts. Dale (the older and wiser of the group) beat us every time!

Tyrese LOVES ANY kind of Ball. He is the Ball King!

Tyrese also love to Vacuum as most 2 year olds.

Calvin also loves to vacuum, don't you Calvin?

Devon showing his love of cleaning... if only he could have that face Every Time we ask him to clean something!

Emily taking part in the "Spring Cleaning" festivities!

Shiloh wanting to do her part in the clean up as well.

Tiffany just wanted the BIG broom to help clean up.

Devon & Calvin in camping HEAVEN on the back of a friends ATV.

Yes that is a REAL rifle Calvin is shooting... under VERY close supervision.

Look at the timing of this shot of Devon... do you see the gun shell flying out of the chamber?

Shiloh and her first extensions hair-do. Thank you Kristi!

Tiffany also got a new hair-do... aren't they adorable?

Another great Tiffany smile!

Back to the accessory Queen.

It is amazing how much older Shiloh looks with the extensions in.

What a cutie!

Another hair-do version with the extensions. Fun times!

Emily at the 4th of July festivities!

Calvin & Devon at their 2nd favorite holiday... closely following Halloween.

Calvin & Colin had a great time at Scout Camp this year although it was cut short by a couple of days due to a hand injury of Calvin. He was bummed that we had to leave early, but he was able to get a few Merit Badges completed.

Even though his hand was injured, it did not keep Calvin from throwing hawks!

This is the culprit of Calvin's injury... as he was falling off the monkey bridge his hand got caught up in the ropes and bent backwards... OUCH!

This is Calvin heading to class... I like the Patrol statement on the shirt:
"Troop 785 - Chewing Up Every Challenge"

This is what most Scout Masters and other Adult leaders do at Scout Camp. Yes this was a "staged" shot ;-)

Devon hanging out at on of the kids favorite spots up in the American Fork canyon.

If they could come here everyday they would... fun times!

Go Royals & Kellys (and Bringhams)! This is right before David turned his life over to the Lord for 2 years as a Missionary in Peru!

Our awesome summer Nannies - Allie & Nicky.

Tiffany having a blast playing in the water back in Sparks!

Summer fun in the kiddie pool.

Jen and her awesome friend Jane.

Getting goofy with some good friends in Sparks.

Great Grammy (Jen's Grandma) visiting with the wild trio.

Tiffany trying out some new accessories.

Devon & Calvin love to cook pancakes... the bigger the better!

Shiloh and her ice cream goatee!

Calvin, Devon & Emily on an early morning hike up to the Timpanogos Cave.

Foiled again by a closed trail gate... I guess they started a bit too early.

Quickly satisfied by a roaring fire down off the trail.

Another attempt up to the caves... this time successfully getting past the gates.

Another great view from the cave trail.

Look how high Emily is jumping... she gets it from her father you know!

Calvin practicing some real life First Aid on Devon after an injury probably caused by Calvin in the first place!

How could you NOT take a picture of this? You should have seen the top of her head! Shiloh loves her refried beans!

Devon teaching Shiloh how to crack open the Isis puzzle.

Tiffany having a tough time at her 2 Year Old Birthday Party at the park.

Swing time with Daddy at the girls 2 Year Old party.

Shiloh, Emily & Tiffany doing a group slide.

Devon & Calvin playing in the kiddie park.

Jen, happy to be at the park.

Cute Emily

Birthday Party surprises.

Tiffany with her Aunt Maralea (Colin's sister)

Everybody loves cousin Cody!

Another adventure hike up to Cascade Springs.

We should have just found someone to take the photo so we could have all been in it the first time. 2 year olds can't look forward too many times in a row!

Devon & Calvin taking on the role of "clowns" at Emily's Birthday Party.

Emily and her "pink" cake that she decorated.

Emily and all of her party girl friends.

Tyrese is a "serious" baseball player. We couldn't believe how many times he hit this ball... and I think this is the first time he ever even tried to hit a ball with a bat.

Emily the happy 7 year old!

Shiloh is just happy to be able to score some Birthday treats!

Tiffany and Shiloh getting ready to go out and get some Halloween Treats!

Tyrese checking out his baseball outfit in the mirror... watch out MLB!

They didn't want to wait for anyone... they were going for the candy!

For those of you who know us well... you will not believe that we actually have a cat now! His name is Lego and he is Emily's cat. He followed her home one day and has loved her ever since. He of course is an "outside" cat! The previous owners found out that we had him a few months later and were happy to let Emily keep him!

This must be library day! All of the kids LOVE books.

Shiloh giving Tiffany a big sister smooch!

Hanging out in the play room.

Calvin getting some exercise in!

This is where our Excursion sat for about a month! Thanks to some awesome friends of ours we were able to use their big truck for the month ours was in the shop.

This is the shredded piston that caused our Excursion to be out of commission for so long. Thank goodness for Extended Warrantees! It ended up being about $14,000 in repairs when it was all over, but only cost us $100... whew! We actually got it out of the shop on Christmas Eve Day... so that was an awesome Christmas Present. Thank you for your hard work Larry at Ken Garff Ford!

The BIG news for us is that we MOVED on December 1st into a cool farm house in Highland. It is on almost 2 acres and has lots of mature trees (including many fruit trees YEAH), a HUGE garden area, and the ability to have up to 6 large animals! We will probably start off with some ducks and chickens in the Spring and maybe even a couple of goats and see how we do from there. We are total "City Slickers" so it should be interesting but fun! We will MISS our many awesome friends in PG, but we are only 5 miles away and are looking forward to meeting many new great people as well. Life IS an Adventure!

Yes Dan likes to be the "favorite" Uncle. Thanks for the visit to our new home!

Cousin Cody listening to his Mom read his Mission Call to serve in the Iowa Mission starting in February. Thanks for sharing this special moment with us Cody! You are going to be a spectacular Missionary!

Calvin eating some Christmas morning treats!

The kids happy to be under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning!

This is a BIG THANK YOU to our mystery friends!!

Tiffany accessorizing with the Christmas stockings.

Shiloh going through some post Christmas morning energy!

The kids sledding off our our shed/barn/chicken coop! And to think they were disappointed that our new home had a "flat" backyard with nothing to sled down.

Colin decided to join them for some sledding and snowball fights. Mr snowman ended up falling off the roof after this picture... good thing none of us did!

Shiloh rocking out to the baby monitor static!

Yes, Uncle Kirk got Tyrese a bat for Christmas... now he is an official baseball player.

Devon, Emily & Calvin performing a Christmas song for Jen's parents, Ma & Pa.

Yeah, you MADE IT TO THE END! (nothing like happy kids!)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!