Hello Family & Friends!

We just wanted to take this moment to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We also wanted to take a moment to give you an update on our family over the past year. This has been another fun and exciting year for us with many adventures.

A few of the major highlights of the year are moving to Pleasant Grove Utah in February so that Colin could be closer to his business partner who lives in the area. We have had a wonderful time living in this new area and have had the chance to meet new people who are becoming dear friends. It is so much fun to be able to create these new relationships while keeping and cherishing our other friendships from the different stages of our lives.

A couple of weeks after we moved to Utah we were called by the adoption agency that we were going to be able to finally adopt Tiffany's twin sister, Shiloh (you can read all about that here).

In May we were sealed to Tiffany in the Las Vegas Temple right after our Nephew Jeremy Foote was sealed to his wife Kedra... a double sealing that was very special for all of us.

In October we were sealed to Shiloh in the Salt Lake City Temple almost 13 years after Jen & I were sealed in the same temple! It was wonderful to have all of our children with us during that special moment.

For some other events of the year we hope you enjoy the following photo journal which highlights some of the exciting moments of 2007!

Love, Colin, Jen, Calvin, Devon, Emily, Tyrese, Shiloh, and Tiffany Kelly

P.S. We went a little crazy taking pictures this year, so be warned this is a long list of photos... proceed at your own risk!

The 9th Annual Lake Tahoe Polar Bear Swim was another success in 2007 with some warmer weather and bigger group. For more pictures and video of this years swim, click here.

Calvin made the plunge completely this year and Devon made it up to his knees. Way to go kids!!

The weirdest thing is not being able to feel the towel when you put it on after the swim!

Calvin & Devon trying out their beds in the new house.


Jen & Tiffany ready for church.

Tyrese wearing his Christmas vest made by his Great Grandma, Grammy.

Emily & Tiffany.

Jet tubs make great bubbles, Devon & Calvin had bubbles over their heads at one point.

As they say, "Opposites attract", Colin with his Krispy Cream doughnut and Jen with her spinach salad.

What a great BIG sister!

Shiloh is finally home.

Jen's parents, Mark & Wendy, came to visit us and to meet their new Granddaughter, Shiloh.

The Smith family also came down to meet with Shiloh & the rest of our crew... we live closer, but still not close enough.

The babies in their matching Heart to Heart Adoptions snuggly receiving blankets.

We knew Tiffany like to put fingers in her own mouth, but I guess she likes to put them in Shiloh's mouth as well!

Doesn't it look like Emily is holding a doll?

Emily holding her other doll... I told you Tiffany like to put fingers in her mouth!

The question is... who put who to sleep first?

Colin taking the kids out on a walk, one of our funnest things to do this summer.

Jen the jungle-gym. This is the easiest place to be so that they can all get to her at the same time.

The "triplets".

Tiffany just goes and goes and goes until she can't go anymore!

I told you so.

Calvin receiving he Arrow of Light as a Webelow Scout!

Devon doing a relay race at a Cub Scout Pack Meeting.

Meeting with the Judge (far left) in Salt Lake City to finalize the adoption of Tiffany. Sherry (far right) has been a great friend from Heart to Heart Adoptions through all of our adoptions... Thanks Sherry!

The Judge had Colin sit at the stand with the twins.

Jen later sat on the stand with Tyrese.

Grandpa Kelly volunteered to go on a Cub Scout trip to take a tour of his favorite football team, BYU. We didn't have to convince him too much in order to attend.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Maralea holding the twins during a BYU Men's Volleyball game... fun, fun!

Tyrese wasn't too sure about all the noise at the BYU Volleyball game.

We wanted to make sure Tyrese showed off his BYU shirt during the game.

Isn't this a cool Butterfly display at the Bean Museum (dead animal museum as our kids call it)? It is made up of many different Butterflies.

Jen and Mr. Bear.

Good thing they were all stuffed.

Hanging out at Temple Square with the Bringham cousins as they came to drop of Zack at the Missionary Training Center (MTC).

Our family loves this statue, as I am sure many of you do as well!

Cute how each of our older children can hold one of the babies... for a little while anyway.

Another picture with the Bringham crew.

Colin likes to be the cook on Sunday.

Happy Birthday Colin!

We got a lot of looks at the Hogle Zoo with this travel arrangement!

Calvin & Tyrese share the exact same Birthday 10 years apart, so that is a fun time for both of them!

Tyrese had his 1 year old head shave... of course we had to do a mohawk first!

We all sang Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake to keep him happy during the shave... worked pretty good!

All done!

Ty with his birthday fire truck!

I think they were trying to pop a birthday balloon on the ceiling fan!

At the Las Vegas Temple right after we were sealed to Tiffany. Thanks for taking our picture Tyler Foote!

Tiffany after her bath!

Calvin & Devon enjoying the view at our Father-and-Son camp out.

Calvin loves camping, but hates to have his picture taken!

Devon also loves to camp.

Taking a day trip through American Fork canyon to see Cascade Springs, a beautiful place!

Cascade Springs.

Doing some GeoCaching at Cascade Springs.

Yes, we allowed them to have 72 hour Mohawks.

Good thing they clean up good!

Hiking up the trail to the Mount Timpanogos Cave.

Not too happy to find the trail to the cave closed.

A great view from the cave trail!

Devon trying out his tree climbing skills.

A family bike ride right before the neighborhood Memorial Day Breakfast.

Tiffany wearing her baby blessing Dress!

More tree climbing practice!

Three stray kittens were running around our backyard so the kids each wanted to hold them. They were pretty wild so they wanted to wear gloves after they saw the scratch on Dad!

Calvin taking a turn.

Emily was thrilled to hold them.

Devon winning the final race for the Pinewood Derby Championship (although he was later beaten by Calvin & Emily, who couldn't participate in the official races... ha, ha)!

Devon with his first place trophy, he was still moving too fast and blurred the picture!

Emily with her winning Pinewood Derby Car.

Calvin with his winning Pinewood Derby Car.

More family pictures taken by Tyler Foote (Colin's Nephew).

This is at one of our families favorite place to go, "Swinging Bridge Park" up the American Fork Canyon.

Tiffany & Shiloh with their 4th of July outfits!

Tyrese wanted to jump in for a picture as well.



Devon having a great time at Cub Scout Day Camp!

Another adventure at the Day Camp for Devon.


We were happy to see the balloon races in Utah since we used to go every year in Reno.

More fun balloon race adventures!

This was a great work-out summer!

4th of July home fireworks!



"Say Cheese", Tyrese!


Colin's nieces came and helped out as nannies for about 3 weeks in July. They were a lot of fun... thanks for coming girls!


Colin, Calvin, Devon & several scouts did the cycling Merit Badge this summer. This was one of our MANY rides!

The Birthday "Spanking Machine" with the cousins for Jessica Payton's birthday party.

Devon & Will Payton doing a Star Wars skit with Calvin & Jessica playing the theme song.

Happy Birthday Jessica! (That is the gentle push of her Mother!)

Sleeping out on the back deck with the cousins.



Calvin at an 11 year old Scout activity.

Tiffany and her cousin (nanny) Allie.

Shiloh & Tiffany.

Tyrese happy to be on the counter.

Emily at the Foote Ranch for the Family Reunion.

Family Reunion hike through some incredible rock formations.

Nicky, Allie & Emily "Chilling Out" at the Family Reunion.


Emily & Jessica buried up to their necks in the sand box... good thing there were no ants!

Devon taking the leap of faith.

Shiloh, Tyrese, Tiffany & cousin Johnny at the Reunion.

Calvin & Colin heading to a week of Scout Camp... See ya Jen!


Ready to attack!

Another bulls-eye!

Calvin with his gear and battle wounds.

Calvin & Devon on the last day... Devon wanted to be there the whole week, but at least he got a chance to camp-out the last night.

Calvin with his scout troop at camp.

Devon, Emily & Calvin just about to perform in a neighborhood play.

Hanging out at Hogle Zoo.

Tyrese "reading" the Book of Mormon to Calvin.

The LAST ride for the Cycling Merit Badge - 50 Miles!

Tiffany did NOT like the water at Lake Tahoe!

Shiloh LOVED the water at Lake Tahoe.

Allie & Jen hanging out with the babies at the beach.

Happy Birthday hats at Chevy's Restaurant.

Tomato "Bling, Blings"

Aunt Jen holding her new nephew, Kian, with her sister, Amy.

"You call this a obstacle?"

Now this is what you call having your hands full!

Visiting Great grandma, Grammy.

Finalization meeting for Shiloh's adoption.

Inside the Salt Lake City Library... cool place!

On top of the Salt Lake City Library... another cool place!

Happy 6th Birthday Emily!

Tiffany still sucking on those fingers!

At the Salt Lake Temple after being sealed to Shiloh.

Grandparents and Grand kids.

Shiloh in her Baby Blessing Dress.

Reading in the trees.

Waiting in line to ride the go-carts.



Another outdoor adventure in the Fall.

Happy Halloween for three little kittens.

Halloween Loot!

Jen at Calvin & Devon's football game.

Colin & Emily also watching the game.

Calvin & Devon playing flag football.

Fishing on another outdoor adventure.

Happy Thanksgiving from the three little pumpkins.

Yes all three of them are climbers.


Reading "The Little Fir Tree" in the freezing canyon.

Tyrese the pirate!


Watch out Michael Jordan, here comes Tyrese!

Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Indians.

Tiffany & Shiloh.

Reading "Swiss Family Robinson".

Christmas Lights at Temple Square in SLC.

Tyrese giving loves to Shiloh.

Shiloh & Tiffany STANDING in the NO, NO drawer.

Hello Shiloh.

Not so happy to see Santa this year.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!