I think this is going to be one of those years we never forget! If you haven't had a chance to visit our Blog site when we were adopting Tyrese and Tiffany, just click on their names. We have enjoyed hearing from many of you this holiday, and wish you all a Happy 2007!

We hope you enjoy our photo journal which highlights the best moments of 2006!

Love, Colin, Jen, Calvin, Devon, Emily, Tyrese, and Tiffany Kelly

By far the best Polar Bear Swim/Blizzard ever! Yes, that is "snow" on Colin's head, after spending more than 20 minutes in the water. For more pictures and video of this years Annual Lake Tahoe Polar Bear Swim, click here. Or if you are around the Reno area on January 1st 2007, give us a call and join us out at Lake Tahoe for some "cool" fun! An experience you will never forget!

Calvin made some great banana bread!

Devon hit the Bulls-eye at the Elk Show

Calvin almost to the top of the rock wall

Emily had a great time shooting pellet guns at the range.

Passing off the bowling belt loop for cub scouts.

Emily and Calvin "reading" The Hardy Boys books.

After camping at Fort Churchill we headed into the mountains in search of mines. This mine is REALLY deep! At least 100 feet!

Calvin won 1st place in the Pinewood Derby this year! Technically he came in 2nd because Devon's car beat him, but Devon was not a Cub Scout yet, so it didn't count :-(

We all walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with our youth group from church.

Major gun powder supply at San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Armory. Devon was in heaven!

Devon's first day as a Cub Scout. Calvin was able to show Devon the "ropes" for a couple of weeks before Calvin turned 10 and moved up to Webelos.

Big Valley Honda, one of our kids favorite places to drool. They keep trying to convince their parents to buy fun toys there, but they keep getting rejected... for now ;-)

Happy Birthday Calvin! He made it to the double digits... the big 10!

Our good friend, Tom Wambaugh, took us on a fun tour of the safe deposit boxes inside the Bank of America vault.

Dinner with Aunt Amy and Uncle Ashkan. Don't quite remember what all of the grass was doing growing on the dinner table?

Emily learned how to ride her bike this summer! Colin was walking bent over for several days afterwards... ouch!

Emily teaching cousin Allie how to make you-know-what noises on their arms! This was during a fishing trip with the Bringham cousins.

Calvin's um...big catch!

Cool geocache prize necklace! We couldn't believe it was in there... how cool!

This is by far the most creative geocache find in one of the thousands of books at the UNR library (we really did feel like we were in an Indiana Jones movie!). If you can't tell, the container is a small Listerine Cool Mint strip holder that was placed in a hole that was cut out of the inside of the book. We had to figure out the book title from the clues and then search the location of the book in the Library using the computers. You can read more about this cache here.

We had a great time touring the University of Utah Fort Douglas Museum while waiting for Tyrese in the University of Utah Hospital.

Baby Tyrese- he had a pretty rough start for the first 3 weeks of life, but thanks to all of the prayers and great doctors and nurses, he is doing great now!

Colin hanging out with Tyrese in the hospital. We would go down there and stay with him for several hours each day. It was great that we were able to bond with him, even under those conditions.

Towards the end of Tyrese's stay in the hospital they allowed Calvin, Devon and Emily in to see him. Before this date (18 days), the only time they saw Tyrese was when they transported him from the other hospital the day he was born.

Tyrese in Daddy's hands. This picture came out so good that it is also being used by our Adoption Agency for their advertisements.

Play-break in between visits to Ty at the University of UT hospital.

Devon's 8 year old baptism day.

We LOVE to camp! In fact we were the last ones to leave the Father-and-Son camp out again this year!

Emily holding Tyrese when he is only about a month old. Doesn't he look like a little doll in her hands?

Yes this is true, especially when....

there is a truck with a PVC pipe sticking out of the back of it, and the person on the cycle is...

not looking where they are going, thus breaking his collar bone and creating quite the obstacle for the rest of his summer! After Colin recovered (physically that is... the emotional scars may take several more years) and started to ride again, Jen has a favorite saying as he goes out the door... "look up"! But since Colin has a Titanium plate and screws in his collar bone now, he is not worried about breaking it again.

The 2006 Kelly Family Reunion in Sparks, NV. We celebrated Colin's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary with each family (Colin has 1 Brother and 6 Sisters) wearing a different color of shirt (for the most part). Only 4 grandchildren were missing, which is pretty good when you have 37 total grandchildren.

Devon and Emily singing during the talent show at the Kelly Family Reunion.

Devon and cousins hanging on the bananas while boating at Pyramid Lake during the Reunion!

Devon riding Uncle Dale's horse. Doesn't the skull on his shirt look like a little skull figure riding the horse on Devon's lap... weird!

Talk about keeping your eye on the ball... Calvin had a great hit during the Kelly Family Reunion BBQ.

Jen, with her sister Amy and her dad Mark.

Jen and Dev at the Sacramento zoo.

Riding the train around the Sacramento Zoo was the highlight of the Adventure!

What a helpful sister!

Calvin's world puzzle, you could say that puzzling has gone to his head!

It's amazing what you can make out of boxes! This robot had all kinds of secret compartments.

Emily, hanging out at the Smith's house in Farmington Utah during our 2nd trip to UT this summer. We always have a wonderful time spending it with the Smiths!

Ty after his bath.

Calvin loves to climb trees! This was at a great park in Utah, close to the Hospital where Tyrese and Tiffany were both born. We were taking a break with the Smith Family waiting for Tiffany to wake up so we could all see her in the hospital.

Tiffany had to have a feeding tube until she gained enough weight and could hold her temperature. She was born 9/8/06 and weighed 4 lbs. 7 oz!

Tiffany peeking out into the world from the incubator (she stayed there for a little over one week).

We were so happy to get Tiffany out of the hospital!

Jen getting used to holding 2 babies at the same time. This was the day we were able to take Tiff out of the hospital and bring her to the Smith's house.

Tiffany in her preemie outfit looking pretty small next to her big brother, who was only 4 months old and about 15 lbs at the time!

Great Grammy (Jen's grandma, Mickey) loves to hold the babies!

Happy 5th Birthday, Em!

Jen enjoying the outdoors at Tahoe.

The Salmon run at Lake Tahoe. This picture was taken after Emily fell into the water up past her waist! She got pretty happy when we told her we would have to buy her a new outfit :-)

Jen and Ty hanging out on our Davis Lake adventure.

Devon and Calvin heading onto the boat dock at Davis Lake. They love to throw things into the water!

Calvin at Davis Lake.

Devon practicing his rock skipping skills at Davis Lake.

Dinner for two! Jen is learning new ways to multi-task!

Calvin on the favorite tire swing at Apple Hill, CA.

Devon's turn.

Here goes Emily!

Emily is able to reach the better, higher apples now that she is getting so TALL!

Ma, Pa, Grandma, Grandpa, and us at Apple Hill (this particular spot is where we visit our favorite pig each year and toss apples for him to eat. This is also the spot to get some delicious apple cider). On our way to Apple Hill this year Mark (Jen's dad) said, "So let me get this straight... we are going to spend about 7 hours in the car, and about $100 in gas and over $150 in food... for a few pounds of apples?", which Colin replied, "well actually I think we are just going to Apple Hill for the tire swing, and we will probably eat some apples while we are there." Mark then said, "sounds great, let's go!"

Tyrese, looking at Jen holding a pair of scissors, about to give him his first hair cut.

Oh my goodness... it is a lot colder without all of my hair!

Colin's great catch! While Salmon fishing on the Sacramento River with his Dad, Dan, and Zack Bringham (and a few others), they caught over 300 lbs of Salmon with the largest being about 36 lbs. This makes trout fishing on the Truckee River a little less thrilling!

Dissecting and filleting a very smelly Salmon with the kids. They especially enjoyed looking at the eyeball and fins under the macro-scope. But as you can see, Emily was not too excited about ANY of this manly stuff.

The Princess and the Bee (Tiffany and Tyrese ready for Halloween).

The Kelly's at the church Halloween party.

Time for a walk!

Cub Scout Rain gutter Regadda (Emily begged us to buy her a boat too- I think she was more excited than the boys were- and was very persistent with Dad to complete the paint and skull drawing!) You probably can't see Calvin's sail, but he came up with the name "The Boat of Mormon"... cute!

and Devon pulls ahead of Calvin at the end for the Win!

Emily, the only girl to race in the regatta, is blowing past her friend Jordan.

Devon beating Dad! I am sure this will not be the last time!

Jen and Tiffany at lunch at the Joseph Smith building in SLC (this was after Tyrese's adoption finalization).

Tyrese, very happy to have his adoption finalized, and looking forward to being sealed to us at the temple!

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl pyramid! (from bottom left: Brad Royal, Colin Kelly, Mike Royal, Terry Wotring, David Royal, Zack Bringham, Doug, Cody Bringham, Jordan Royal...and we have no idea who the guy holding up #1 is).

At the Reno Temple after Tyrese was sealed to us. What a special day!

Four Generations! (Amy, Jen, Tiffany, Mickey, Wendy, and Emily)


Isn't Tiffany beautiful?!

You've got to love those slobbery, bubbly smiles!

Daddy and the babies!

Ty and Tiff having some crib time together.

Tiffany, floating like an angel - 3 1/2 months old

I love my new Christmas dress!

I love my thumb!

This blanket is very tasty.

Ty has the greatest smile!

Doesn't Tyrese look like the Fonz?

Tiffany in her new outfit that Daddy bought.

Devon, Emily, and Calvin at their first stage performance at the Reed High School Dessert Night Christmas concert. They were asked to be a part of the song that Jen taught the students ASL (American Sign Language), which she loves to do every year for the group.